• Nr art. RS 765-0447
      • Producent Fluke
      • Nr części producenta Fluke CNX T3000 KIT
      Zestaw multimetrów CNX T3000 Kit, Fluke
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      Fluke CNX 3000 Wireless Basic Kit with Temperature Module

      This Fluke CNX Wireless basic kit consists of the CNX 3000 Multimeter and a CNX t3000 K-type temperature module to allow you to begin wirelessly monitoring, measuring and logging temperature data straight away.

      To log and monitor data on your PC, please see the CNX PC3000 USB adapter (RS 765-0438)

      The Fluke CNX Wireless test tools can now communicate with Ti100 and TiR100 Series Thermal Imagers just as they do with the CNX 3000 digital multimeters allowing you to not only see thermal images but take measurements wirelessly from the CNX multimeter and modules and display the results on your camera.


      Safety Fluke CNX meets Measurement Category 1000 V CAT III and Category IV 600 V safety standards: AC current clamp 600 V CAT III; AC Voltage Module and iFlex Clamp Meters 600 V CAT IV / 1000 CAT III

      Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 61326-1:2006, EN 61326-2-2:2006. ETSI EN 300 328 V1.7.1:2006, ETSI EN 300 489 V1.8.1:2008, FCC Part 15 Subpart C Sections 15.207, 15.209, 15.249, FCCID : T68-FWCS IC:6627A-FWCS

      Safety compliance: US ANSI: ANSI/ISA 61010-1 / (82.02.01): 3rd edition CSA: CAN/CSA-C22.2 No 61010-1-12: 3rd edition CE European: IEC/EN 61010-1:2010

      Certifications: CSA, FCC, CE

      Dostarczany z

      1 x CNX 3000 digital multimeter
      1 x t3000 Temperature Module
      1 x 80pk-1 K-type thermocouple
      1 x magnet strap
      1 x C3002 2 compartment soft case
      5 x AA alkaline batteries

      Fluke CNX Wireless

      The Fluke CNX 3000 Series is a brand new and unique suite of wireless test tools to allow you to see live measurements from up to 10 remotely located measurement modules.

      The CNX Series consists of:
      Digital Multimeter (765-0419)
      AC Voltage Module (765-0425)
      AC True RMS Current Clamp Module (765-0422)
      iFlex True RMS AC Current Module (765-0413)
      K-Type Temperature Module (765-0429)
      USB PC Adapter (765-0438)

      These items are available individually and we also supply dedicated kits.

      The Fluke CNX 3000 Wireless multimeter can display readings from any three 3 wireless modules, plus the meter measurement, at the same time from up to 20 meters away, on one screen. Add a laptop or PC and review ten measurements at once, remotely.

      The wireless enabled modules are dedicated to measure AC voltage, temperature and AC current (choose a standard clamp or iFlex current loop to measure AC current). Mix and match modules to suit your unique measurement needs. The measurements are wirelessly transmitted using the 2.4GHz ISM band to the CNX 3000 multimeter and/or to a PC via the Fluke CNX P3000 USB wireless PC adaptor for live viewing. Each placed module can be identified with the multimeter or PC allowing you to choose the module and view the live readings you need.

      In addition to live data viewing from up to ten modules you can also log data within each module for later download to help isolate intermittent events or record signal fluctuations over time.

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      Wymiary20.7 x 9.3 x 4.75cm
      Numer modelu pZestaw CNX T3000
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