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    Gastec mediumrange detectiontube,Ammonia
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    Gas Detection Tubes

    A fundamental requirement of COSHH regulations is to monitor the exposure of employees to inhalation of substances hazardous to health. The Gastec gas detector tube system is the simplest and most comprehensive form of gas detection for this purpose.,The Gastec system is an ideal method of initial survey and monitoring of gases in the work place. Consisting of the Gastec gas sampling pump and maintenance kit in a carry case, gas detection tubes specific to the target contaminant are then used to assess the quality of the work environment.The detector tube system consists of the Gas Sampling pump and the Gastec standard detector tubes. A rapid analysis is carried out by selecting an appropriate tube, breaking the tip off and pulling (for most applications) a single pump stroke (100mls) of air.

    A clear demarcation on the direct measurement scale of the tube indicates the amount of gas present.
    Robust, lightweight, precise pump, coated in ABS resin to avoid sparks allows the pump to be used in any atmosphere
    All tubes are direct reading, no colour charts required
    Fine granules in the tube give a sharp demarcation
    Accurate, inexpensive and easy to use by any member of staff
    All the tubes can be used to monitor their respective Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) found in the HSE publication EH40. Gastec detector tubes conform to BS5453 which must have an accuracy of -20% to +30% at higher concentrations and -20% to +50% at lower concentrations.
    Independent studies have demonstrated that Gastec tubes exceed this requirement.
    When ordering the tube pump, be sure to also order the gas detection tube specific for your requirements.


    NB. L = low range, M = medium range,For a full range of gas detection equipment please see typical Stock No. 466-8420

    Gas Detection Tubes

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