Kątownik z rowkami, stal, wys.: 38mm, dł.: 3000mm,

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Slotted Angle and Strip

Two types of construction angle manufactured from 14 s.w.g. steel with a slot pattern pierced at 3in. increments and finished in graphite grey enamel.

Stock no. Description Steel gauge (s.w.g) Length Qty.
436-3478 1 1/2 x1 1/2 in. angle (38x38mm) 14 10ft (3m) 5
436-3484 1 1/2 x1 1/2 in. angle (38x38mm) 14 6ft 6 (1.98m) 5
436-3490 2 1/4 x1 1/2 in. angle (57x38mm) 14 10ft (3m) 5
230-087 1 3/8 in. strip (35mm) 12 71 in (1.8m)  


1 1//2 in. ´ 1 1//2 in. angle must be joined using tension plates, see accessories.
2 1//4 in. ´ 1 1//2 in. angle can simply be bolted together.
1 3/8 in. 12 s.w.g. slotted steel strip is available to join both angle types and may also be used as a general purpose construction material for manufacturing brackets and supports.

Slotted Construction Angle System

A versatile construction material which is simple and easy to use and may be adapted to suit individual applications. Just cut and bolt angle together, no painting, welding or drilling required. With the range of accessories available a variety of items may be constructed including trolleys, workbenches, partitions, shelving, workframes, etc. Slotted angle is also used in the building industry for constructional supports for service piping, ventilation ducting, cable trays, trunking, suspended ceilings and timber studding.

Dane techniczne
Atrybut Parametr
Wysokość 38mm
Szerokość 38mm
Długość 3000mm
Materiał Stal
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