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RS PRO Covered L Brackets for Standard Magnetic Locks

RS PRO covered L brackets are ideal for installing mini magnetic locks (maglocks) quickly and efficiently for a secure lock, whilst offering excellent protection and versatility. The brackets are manufactured from lightweight yet durable aluminium, providing high strength and corrosion resistance that is suitable for use in a wide range of environments. The brackets also feature a high quality cover, creating an aesthetically pleasing and professional look an any environment. RS PRO adjustable L brackets create a strong magnetic bond with mini magnetic locks and are the perfect solution for installing mini magnetic locks for outward opening doors and applications that have restricted space.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight yet durable aluminium construction offering excellent corrosion resistance

  • Robust cover providing and aesthetically pleasing finish

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Suitable for use with magnetic locks


L brackets are designed to be used with electro-magnetic locks (also referred to as maglocks), a type of access control solution used to provide a secure lock for a door via electrically powered magnets. When energised, magnetic door locks create a strong bond to metal plates installed via the brackets and can offer varying holding force ratings depending on the level of security required. Magnetic locks are available as monitored and unmonitored depending on whether an alarm or signal is required to notify occupants of an emergency, or when the door is locked or unlocked. Magnetic locks are used in a wide range of commercial and public buildings including:

  • Residential

  • Shops

  • Offices

  • Warehouses

  • Storage units

Szeroka gama regulowanych wsporników i obudów tworników, które uzupełniają naszą gamę produktów magnetycznych. Wykończenie W Anodyzowanego Aluminium.


What magnetic locks is this suitable for?

RS PRO surface mount armature plate housings are suitable for standard sized magnetic locks such as:

  • RS Stock No. 1924534 – RS PRO Unmonitored Magnetic Lock

  • RS Stock No. 1924535 – RS PRO Monitored Magnetic Lock

  • RS Stock No. 1924536 – RS PRO Monitored Double Magnetic Lock

  • RS Stock No. 1924537 – RS PRO Unmonitored Magnetic Lock

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