Moduł LED okrągły 180081-4350, 4100K, 1530 lm, kolor: biały, Helieon, DOWN LIGHT MODULE

  • Nr art. RS 743-6131
  • Nr części producenta 180081-4350
  • Producent Helieon
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Kraj pochodzenia: MX
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Helieon Sustainable LED Light Modules

The Helieon LED lighting system, is a plug-and-play, sustainable, solid state lighting system. Combining LED lighting technology from Bridgelux with interconnect technology from Molex, the Helieon lighting system makes it simple to design, build, replace and upgrade luminaires. Integrating high-efficiency precision LED lighting with an easy-to-use socket solution, Helieon LED modules enable flexibility and emulate a traditional lighting socket, making changing the look of the lighting installation as simple as replacing a light bulb.
Helieon LED modules are ideal for applications including: Down lights, task and accent lights, spot and track lights, troffers and interior lighting, retail and display lighting, hospitality lighting, architectural lighting, decorative lighting and museum lighting.

Separable LED light source and socket design with a simple turn and lock installation process
LED light source and socket emulates traditional lighting technology and allows for a future upgrades
Multiple product options compatible with a single thermal and electronic driver system design
Uniform high-quality illumination controlled to 3 SDCM combined with precision beam control optics
High system efficacy enabling luminaires with operating efficiencies of over 50 lumens per Watt
Enables construction of luminaires that meet or exceed global regulatory requirements for energy efficiency


The Luminous Flux values shown are “Hot Lumens”, quoted at a case temperature of 60°C for a forward current of 1400mA.

Dane techniczne
Atrybut Parametr
Liczba diod LED 1
Kolory diod LED Biały
Temperatura barwowa 4100K
Typowy strumień świetlny 1530 lm
Średnica zewnętrzna 80mm
Średnica otworu mocującego 3.5mm
Produkt wycofany