Przegroda półki, materiał: stal, 1200kg, RS PRO

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Clad Extension Bay

Additional bays may be fitted to either the left or right of a starter bay, and any number may be linked together.Dimensions 2.1m x 1m


A rear cladding kit will be required for each additional clad bay,(see stock no. 519-475


The maximum safe working load per shelf is 160kg, to be uniformly distributed in both directions, maximum load per bay 1200kg.Also: All runs of shelving require bracing. This must be in the form of a rear cross-brace assembly or a rear cladding kit and must be fitted at least one bay in six.

Modular Shelving

The RS modular shelving system has been designed as an integrated system in which each part slots together into standard modules. The shelf design incorporates a built-in box beam concept which creates inherent strength and rigidity as well as simplifying installation. A versatile system which is quick, easy and simple to erect or modify, with no nut and bolt assembly of the shelving. The uprights are perforated at 50 mm intervals to accept shelves that clip lock together with special shelf locking clips which have a wedging action when loaded, the greater the load, the stronger the structure. All major components are manufactured from steel with ’graphite’ grey uprights and light (RAL7035) grey shelves and cladding paint finish. Available in open bay or clad bay versions, height 2.1 m, width 1 m, with a selection of shelf depths and accessories.

  Starter bay
Extension bay
Shelf kit
Frame 2 1  
End cap 4 2  
Feet 4 2  
Cross brace 1 (open bay only)    
Shelves 4 4 2
Shelf clips 16 16 8
Dane techniczne
Atrybut Parametr
System Półki modułowe
Typ komponentu Zamknięta kieszeń rozszerzeń
Obciążalność 1200kg
Wysokość 2100mm
Szerokość 1m
Głębokość 500mm
Długość 1000mm
Materiał Stal
Kolor Szary
4 W magazynie, dostawa w ciągu 2 dni roboczych UWAGA: Dostawa może potrwać o 1 dzień roboczy dłużej w zależności od miejsca doręczenia
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2 265,58
(bez VAT)
2 786,66
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1 +
2 265,58 zł
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