Przetwornik temperatury 6,2 35 V DC, -25 +70°C 3337

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Kraj pochodzenia: DK
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Seria 3000 - konwerter temperatury

Przetworniki temperatury serii 3000

Features and Benefits

Szerokość 6 mm
24 V DC zasilania
Montaż na szynie DIN

DIP-Switch Programming

Re-calibration is not needed after changing the DIP-switch range settings. Just change the DIP-switch, cycle the power to the unit and obtain the new, pre-calibrated I/O range. HART programming is enabled for selected devices.


Devices can be mounted both vertically and horizontally with no air gap separation required. The devices snap onto a power rail or DIN rail and are easily detached by lifting the bottom lock.

High Level of Isolation

Safe galvanic isolation of 2.5 kVAC provides high noise immunity and prevents ground loops for accurate delivery of the process signal to your control system.

Device Status Indicators

A front LED indicates device status, e.g. an error in the set-up, sensor or hardware.

Over Voltage and Polarity Protection

All terminals can withstand up to ±31.2 VDC and are protected against incorrect supply wiring to ensure safe, error-free installation.

PR Electronics DIN Mocowanie na szynie

Dane techniczne
Atrybut Parametr
Typ wejścia Temperatura
Napięcie zasilania 6,2 35 V DC
Minimalna temperatura robocza -25°C
Maksymalna temperatura robocza +70°C
Seria 3337
4 W magazynie, dostawa w ciągu 1 dni roboczych UWAGA: Dostawa może potrwać o 1 dzień roboczy dłużej w zależności od miejsca doręczenia
Cena za szt.
(bez VAT)
(z VAT)
Per unit
1 +
722,83 zł