• Nr art. RS 445-179
  • Producent ITW
  • Nr części producenta T10-103400-500
Touch sensitive keypad, 3x4
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ActiveMetal™ Keypads

ActiveTouch™ patented touch sensitive technology brings a whole new level of durability to switches, sensors and control systems.,If your application demands long life, high resistance to temperature and the environment or resistance to physical damage, this technology excels in all these criteria.,The basic principle of operation is that a material capable of supporting shear and torsional mechanical waves at ultrasonic frequencies (in this case resonant cavities in a keypad matrix), can have those waves trapped or localised by contouring its surface. These trapped energy regions are set in motion by integral transducers and act as high quality resonators. When the integral ultrasonic transducers are set in motion they generates a resonant vibration, in the MHz range, which induces a wave motion. This motion is confined to the shape of the raised switch plate regions and it extends through to the keypad actuator areas. A finger or gloved hand touching the surface of the resonant cavity, dampens the vibration and reduces the regions ring-down time (see Fig.1).,This reduction in 'ring-down' time, like a bell that has been struck, creates a decay rate (see Fig. 2). This decay is detected by a microprocessor and is easily multiplexed for multiple switch positions. Finally, when the time to the threshold value is lower than the pre-set value, the microprocessor is programmed to indicate switch actuation (see Fig.3). This is a continuous process occurring every few milliseconds.,This technology can be applied to numerous applications including Medical, Military, Marine, ATM's, Pharmaceutical, Security, Clean Rooms, Gaming, Food Processing, Vandal Resistant Point of Sales etc.

100+ million cycles, virtually unlimited life
Performance of sensor not effected by external mechanical vibrations and resistant to RFI, ESD, EMI can tolerate 25kV ESD
Extremely robust, vandal proof and able to withstand shock, vibration and major impacts (1kg shock test)
IP68 rated, impervious to moisture , including direct exposure to pressurised water
Designed for indoor/outdoor use, with or without a gloved hand
Available in 3x4 or 4x4 matrix options
Raised profile keys
100% solid state, no moving parts
Key sensitivity and audio setting feature
User configurable green and red LEDs
Current consumption 50mA max
Panel mounting
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Other switch solutions incorporating this technology include Activetouch™ pushbuttons, see typically stock nos. 445-181 and 445-191


Connection via Molex® 16-pin locking male connector which mates with Molex® 16-pin female (connector part number 90142-0016). See stk no 360-6207 for mating female connector.

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Typ przełącznikaKlawiatura
Maksymalne napięcie wejściowe24V dc
Kolor przełącznikaSzary
Klasa IPIP68
Kolor obudowySzary
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