Regulator temperatury PID panelowy KS40 3-wyjściowy, Uz 90 → 250 V ac, 0 → +1760°C (termopara typu R), 0

  • Nr art. RS 736-4960
  • Nr części producenta KS40-110-0000D-000
  • Producent P.M.A
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P.M.A Temperature Controller

The P.M.A KS40 series temperature controller has a supply voltage rating ranging from 90VAC to 250VAC. This high precision controller has a width of 48mm and a height of 96mm(1/8DIN). It has three process outputs that are 3 relays. The universal output can be used for operating a solid-state relay, a continuous current/voltage output or to energize a 2-wire transmitter. The controller intended for universal, precise and cost-effective control tasks in all branches of industry. For this, the unit provides simple 2-point (ON/OFF) control, continuous PID control, or 3-point stepping control. The process value signal is connected via a universal input. The supplementary analogue input can be used for heating current measurement or as an external setpoint input.
German manual.

Features and Benefits

Automatic/manual key
BluePort front interface and blue control software
Extended limit signalling function with latch
Maintenance manager and error list
Monitoring of heating current and input circuit
Screw terminal
Timer and programmer


2 and 3 point control
2-stage burners
3-stage burners
Boiler pressure control
Burners and boilers
Furnaces and ovens
Modulating burners
Plastics processing and driers
Position control
Synchronisation control


Front panel IP65 rated
Housing IP20 rated
Terminals IP00 rated
Type tested to EN 14597 (replaces DIN 3440)
UL approved

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