Profil, materiał: Stop aluminium, dł. 1000mm, 20 x 20

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RS PRO Profile 5 - 20 x 20mm Aluminium Alloy Strut

RS PRO structural systems offer a modular solution for general workplace furniture construction. Offering strong, light-weight, easily interchangeable components in a variety of profile types. The modular system offers alloy struts available in 1m and 2m lengths with profiles from 20mm to 80mm.

Compatible with a range of structural support and connector accessories, work benches, guarding and general enclosures, as well as many other workplace fixtures, are easy to construct and adapt to almost any application.

This range includes the following:

850-8476 – Aluminium Alloy Strut 20 x 20, 5mm Groove, 1000mm Length, Series Profile 5

850-8470 - Aluminium Alloy Strut 20 x 20, 5mm Groove, 2000mm Length, Series Profile 5

RS PRO offers a great range of RS approved tubing and strut profiles to assist in various applications. You can build your own frames and complete structural systems using our own quality brand RS PRO. We also have a wide range of connecting components in various materials, colours and sizes of components for construction.

Features and Benefits

• Light-weight aluminium alloy
• Suitable for cut to length applications
• Available in 1m (850-7476) and 2m (850-8470) lengths
• Multiple profile sizes for a range of applications
• Compatible with support and connector accessories
• Groove size : 5mm
• Number of grooves: 4
• Structural element type: Strut profile

What are the types of connecting components?
RS Structural System Profile Accessories include Cube Connectors, T-slot Nuts, Ball Catches, Turn Locks, Self Tapping Screws, Earthing Terminals, Cover Caps, and many other items.
Connecting components are usually made from steel, iron and aluminium for superior strength and a heavier torque. They are easy to use and can be taken apart if you need to disassemble your project later on. They include:
• T-nuts and T-bolts are used to fasten components to profiles
• Joint and angle brackets and corner cubes can be used to make a strong connection


Please note the groove size of the product before ordering any connector accessories such as T-slot nuts

Dane techniczne
Atrybut Parametr
Typ elementu konstrukcyjnego Profil rozpórki
Profil rozpórki 20 x 20
Długość 1000mm
Rozmiar rowka 5mm
Liczba rowków 4
Materiał Stop aluminium
Series Profile 5
112 Dostawa w ciągu 1 dni roboczych. UWAGA: Dostawa może potrwać o 1 dzień roboczy dłużej w zależności od miejsca doręczenia
371 kolejnych dostępnych w ciągu 2 dni roboczych
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33,67 zł
5 - 9
32,64 zł
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31,60 zł