Złącze SCSI Męski 100-pinowe Montaż na kablu, raster 1.27mm, Blok zatrzasku seria AMPLIMITE 0.50 TE Connectivity

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Our reliable AMPLIMITE D-sub .050 series connector portfolio offers a high density D type interface and includes right angle and vertical D-subs. Both versions have three mating faces available, flat face, latch block and latch block with rails. Plug and receptacle positions include 20, 26, 28, 40, 50, 68, 80, 100 and 120 (ACTION PIN only). AMPLIMITE .050 Series connectors utilize gold plated tab and tuning fork contacts on a compact .050 x .100 grid spacing and are available with 20 to 100 positions. The AMPLIMITE .050 series cable connectors terminate to wire via the insulation displacement contact (IDC) termination method, which provides fast, reliable and economical termination of discrete wire or ribbon cable. Both solder, and compliant pin terminations are offered on the printer circuit board versions. All connectors are produced with metal shell construction, which provides EMI/ RFI shielding capability and high durability.

High density D type interface 20 through 100 contact positions Excellent EMI/RFI protection Protect your system with shields that mate before contacts, with ground mating first and breaking last Squeeze-to-release latches or jackscrew hardware available to fit your needs Board connectors compatible with standard thru-hole flow solder and surface-mount reflow solder processes Applications Industrial machinery Medical instrumentation Computers and peripherals RAID storage arrays File servers/routers Tape storage systems Workstations On-machine industrial communications Personal and handheld devices

Dane techniczne
Atrybut Parametr
Rodzaj Męski
Liczba styków 100
Typ montażu Montaż na kablu
Materiał styków Brąz fosforowy
Materiał obudowy Termoplastyczny
Raster 1.27mm
Prąd znamionowy 1A
Napięcie znamionowe 30 V ac
Typ zatrzasku Blok zatrzasku
Metoda zakończenia IDC
Seria AMPLIMITE 0.50
Długość 71.86mm
Maksymalna temperatura robocza +105°C
Szerokość 9.47mm
Minimalna temperatura robocza -55°C
Głębokość 14.94mm
308 W magazynie, dostawa w ciągu 2 dni roboczych UWAGA: Dostawa może potrwać o 1 dzień roboczy dłużej w zależności od miejsca doręczenia
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