Okrągła matryca LED ILR-OW16-HWUL-PC221-WIR200., 2700K, 1040 lm, 1A, 21.6 → 28V 8-diodowy, kolor: biały ILS

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OSLON SSL 150 Tuneable White LED Arrays

Using the latest OSLON® SSL 150 devices from Osram Opto, these tuneable white LED modules from ILS incorporate LEDs of different white colour temperatures in a single package. The perceived output colour can be changed by varying the balance of currents through each of the different LEDs.

ILS tuneable white products are compact, powerful LED light sources built on aluminium substrates for optimal thermal management. The combination of small light-emitting area and high lumen output devices provides excellent optical properties with a wide beam angle. The low thermal resistance of 7°C/W ensures cool running and a highly efficient lighting product.

Typical uses for tuneable white LED modules include domestic and office lighting, decorative and accent lighting, task lighting and retail or entertainment lighting applications.

A dedicated PSU/Controller for Tuneable White LEDs is avialble; see 122-5174

Up to 1000mA per chip operating current
Integral silicone resin lenses give 150° beam angle
Up to 100,000 hour operational lifetime to 70% of original brightness
Modules are supplied with 200mm connecting wires
Mounting holes using M3 screws allows easy installation
Modules can be fitted with secondary reflectors


These products require suitable heatsinks to avoid overheating in normal operation.

Intelligent LED Solutions LED Modules - Tuneable White

Our range of tuneable white LED modules from ILS gives you the ability to vary the perceived colour temperature produced, from warm white, through neutral white to cool “street” white.

Dane techniczne
Atrybut Parametr
Liczba diod LED 8
Kolory diod LED Biały
Temperatura barwowa 2700K
Typowy strumień świetlny 1040 lm
Materiał podstawy Aluminium
Stałe napięcie lub prąd Stałe napięcie
W zestawie dodatkowa optyka Reflektor
Napięcie znamionowe 21.6 → 28V
Prąd znamionowy 1A
Moc rozpraszana 8.72 (Typ.) W @ 300 mA, 17.36 (Typ.) W @ 700 mA
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