Okrągła matryca LED ILC-GD03-NUWH-SD101, 4000K, 326 lm 3-diodowy, kolor: biały ILS, Dragon3 Coin

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Dragon3 Coin LED Modules

Dragon3 Coin LED modules, from Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS), are powerful and compact LED light sources. Utilizing 3 Osram Golden Dragon Plus LEDs built on a laminated PCB for optimum thermal management. The Dragon3 Coin series are available in a variety of colour options with an LED viewing angle of 170°. Suitable applications for the Dragon3 Coin circular arrays include; effect lighting, decorative lighting, architectural lighting, outdoor lighting and retail/entertainment lighting.

Contains 3 Osram Golden Dragon Plus LEDs
Brightness adjustable by external dimming gear
Lifetime: Up to 70,000 Hours to 70% of original brightness
Simple Plug and Play with industry standard connectors
Single 12V input voltage, each board has own built-in regulation
Operation with 12VDC power supply
Printed circuit board size is 33mm diameter, 1.6mm thick
Mounting holes (3mm diameter) allow easy installation with screws
Applications include: Effect Lighting, Decorative Lighting, Architectural lighting, Retail and Entertainment lighting

Intelligent LED Solutions LED Modules - Coins


  • Dragon3 coins will overheat during operation if not attached to a suitable heatsink, overheating can cause failure or irreparable damage.
Dane techniczne
Atrybut Parametr
Liczba diod LED 3
Kolory diod LED Biały
Temperatura barwowa 4000K
Typowy strumień świetlny 326 lm
Średnica zewnętrzna 33mm
Średnica otworu mocującego 3mm
Materiał podstawy Aluminium
Stałe napięcie lub prąd Stałe napięcie
Typy połączeń JST
Wbudowany sterownik Tak
Seria Dragon3 Coin
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