Przetwornik temperatury 7,5 → 48 V DC 5437 -200°C 850°C

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5437 HART 7 Single Input Temperature Transmitter

PR Electronics 5437 single input temperature transmitter offers unrivalled performance in the most demanding of applications to convert a wide array of input types to a 4 – 20 mA output signal. The transmitter has 4 input terminals allowing measurement of two, three or four wire RTDs. Configuring the transmitter with either HART 7 or HART 5 protocols provide flexibility and future proof communication.

Sensor Inputs

The PR 5437 provides unrivalled input versatility. Virtually any thermocouple or RTD plus linear resistance up to 100 kΩ, potentiometer, and bipolar mV signals. Input sensor redundancy function maintains process availability and safety in the event of primary sensor failure. An alert via HART can be used to allow scheduling of maintenance on the faulty sensor.

Installation Characteristics

Wiring - Innovative housing design means the 5437 temperature transmitter can be wired from either the inside or the outside of the terminals.
1/4” centre hole – A large diameter centre hole for easier installation over a wide range of probe mounting diameters.
Loop test pins - Accessible test pins allow measurement of loop current directly while maintaining loop integrity.
Status LED - On-board LED indicates faults according to NAMUR NE44 and NE107.
Jumper pins - Jumpers allow selection of write protection and transmitter burnout options.

Features and Benefits

• LED provides visual notification of sensor, transmitter, and loop status
• HART 7 and HART 5 communication protocols
• Sensor drift detection maintains measuring point reliability
• Flexible input capability, with choice of output modes
• Superior accuracy ensures true, reliable measurements
• Fast response time easily supports safety and cost-critical applications
• Very low temperature coefficient ensuring maximum accuracy across changing ambient conditions
• High galvanic isolation (2.5 kVAC / 55 VAC) providing protection from ground loops, high voltage transients and common mode interference
• Runtime meters provide a valuable history of the process temperature and the ambient temperature around the transmitter


Model 5437A może być montowany w strefie 2 i 22 / Klasa I, Strefa 1, Grupy A, B, C, D.

Dane techniczne
Atrybut Parametr
Typ wejścia Napięcie, Oporność liniowa, Potencjometr, RTD, Termopara
Napięcie zasilania 7,5 → 48 V DC
Średnica 44 mm
Minimalna wartość wejściowa temperatury -200°C
Maksymalna wartość wejściowa temperatury 850°C
Minimalna temperatura robocza -50°C
Maksymalna temperatura robocza +85°C
Seria 5437
Głębokość 20.2mm
1 W magazynie, dostawa w ciągu 1 dni roboczych UWAGA: Dostawa może potrwać o 1 dzień roboczy dłużej w zależności od miejsca doręczenia
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1 363,08
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1 676,59
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1 363,08 zł