Lokalizator kabli do wykrywaczy instalacji podziemnych 40 h Alkaline Akumulator 23 (Radio) kHz, 32.76 (Transmitter)

  • Nr art. RS 184-6776
  • Nr części producenta AT-3500
  • Producent Beha-Amprobe
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Kraj pochodzenia: DE
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Beha Amprode AT-3500 Cable Tracer

With the AT-3500 cable locator you can ensure that productivity remains high, whilst costs remain low. AT-3500 is a robust, cost-effective solution for locating live and de-energised wires, cables and pipes in soil. The cable locator is, for example, suitable for car park and airport lighting, and shows the location of cables and pipes immediately on a digital, backlit multisegment display, complete with acoustic indicators. The AT-3500 cable locator functions at the frequency of 33 kHz, which is proven for the majority of tracing applications. In order to avoid wires on construction sites, the device also provides a highly-sensitive current mode and a radio mode. Depth measurements can be carried out by pressing the button.


  • Locating and tracing cables and pipes in the ground

  • Simplified tracing function enables location of cable or pipe damage

  • Determining the location, depth, and alignment of metal cables

  • Optical and acoustic display

Product information

  • Set consists of transmitter, receiver, and measuring accessories

  • Various measurement functions allow for high levels of accuracy:

  • Passive via network frequency

  • Passive via radio signals

  • Active via signal generator

  • Transmitter with voltage-proof output

  • Comprehensive range of accessories available

Product Highlights

  • Large display with simple menu navigation and back light

  • Robust construction for use in inclement weather and harsh environments

Dane techniczne
Atrybut Parametr
Czas pracy akumulatora 40 h
Typ baterii Alkaline
Źródło zasilania Akumulator
Maksymalna częstotliwość 23 (Radio) kHz, 32.76 (Transmitter) kHz, 50/60 (Power Network) Hz
Maksymalna temperatura robocza +55°C
Częstotliwość minimalna 15 (Radio) kHz
Minimalna temperatura robocza -20°C
Numer modelu p AT-3500
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12 708,88
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12 708,88 zł
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